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Dr. Serantha Foolchand

The founder of KZN Fetal Therapy, Dr Serantha Foolchand is a highly accomplished maternal -fetal medical specialist (also known as a perinatologist) who received the MEC for Health Award in 2016/2017 for Service Excellence.

She was part of the surgical team that performed ground-breaking foetal cardiac intervention in 2016 at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital. She was also awarded the Panache Woman of Wonder Award this year.

Using cutting edge technology KZN Fetal Therapy provides patients with advanced testing and monitoring including specialised ultrasounds, tests for chromosomal conditions, genetic counselling, fetal blood testing and fetal therapy.


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Our Services

Pre-natal Counselling

We can create a customised package to suit your needs prior to embarking on pregnancy. This is particularly advised if you have a history of medical conditions or a family history of genetic conditions. We strive to provide the right care at the right time and provide a personalised experience for families.

High Risk Obstetric Cases

Involves pregnancies with complications that increase the chances of problems for the mother or baby. These cases need special medical attention and monitoring to ensure the well-being of both. Examples include conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, or having twins or triplets. Expert care & monitoring are essential in these cases.

Dating Scans (ultrasound dating scans)

A type of prenatal ultrasound done early in pregnancy. Find out how far along your pregnancy is and estimate the due date. We can measure the size and development of the fetus. This scan provides important information about the expected delivery date, assisting in planning the right prenatal care.

1st trimester ultrasound screening

Performed between 11 and 14 weeks. It uses sound waves to create images of the fetus. The purpose is to check the baby’s development and look for any possible abnormalities or genetic disorders. This helps estimate the risk of certain conditions so that early investigation, treatment and care can be taken.

2nd trimester ultrasound screening

Performed between 18 and 22 weeks. It plays a significant role in monitoring the baby’s development, detecting any structural abnormalities, and ensuring proper prenatal care. It provides reassurance to expectant parents and helps healthcare providers make informed decisions to support a healthy pregnancy.

Genetic Screening

A process used to identify genetic conditions or the risk of developing them. It involves various tests that examine a person’s genes or chromosomes to detect changes or mutations associated with certain disorders. It helps individuals and families make informed decisions about their reproductive choices the necessary precautions needed.

Invasive Procedures

Medical interventions that involve entering the body using surgery or needles. It’s done when non-invasive methods are not enough.  Patients are informed about the procedure’s risks, benefits, and alternatives before deciding to proceed. At KZN Fetal Therapy, we have a lot of experience with a variety of procedures, rest assured you’re in good hands.

Fetal Therapy

Medical treatment given to a developing baby in the womb. It aims to diagnose, manage, or correct conditions that may affect the baby’s health. It can involve surgeries, non-surgical procedures, or treatments given to the mother for the benefit of the baby. The goal is to improve the baby’s well-being and long-term outcomes.

Multi-disciplinary Approach

Many medical specialists collaborate to give pregnant women and their babies proper treatment. The team consists of experts in obstetrics, fetal medicine, genetics, paediatrics, paediatric surgery, paediatric cardiology and more. Their combined knowledge helps create a customised care plan. 


Mrs Deen

I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to you, my consultations are always informative and reassuring. I love that your ultrasounds are so comprehensive and thorough, it leaves no questions unanswered. I’m amazed with how much you’ve enlightened me regarding my baby through ultrasound. I also appreciate that we receive a follow-up in-depth report. You make our appointments comfortable and I always leave with a peace of mind. I have and would highly recommend KZN fetal therapy

Lydia Maduna

My name is Lydia Maduna from Ladysmith KZN, 44 years of age and I am 5 months pregnant

I am attending at Mediclinic in Pietermaritzburg to Dr S Foolchand who specializes with Maternal Fetal

I went there twice and when I get there always I felt comfortable even the receptionists assisted me with care by making a cup of tea while the Dr was with another patient

And the Dr herself is a nice person I like her with her beautiful heart

Amy Salvesan

We saw Dr Foolchand during our complicated pregnancy and found her to be so kind and knowledgable, and she put us at ease completely. She was generous with her time and was patient, explaining things along the way and was so professional in her dealings with us. We were grateful to have her on our team.

Dr Jitesh Deonarain

Pregnancy and childbirth ranks amongst the most beautiful experiences that a couple will experience together, however it can also be amongst the most daunting. My wife, Sandhrika and I was referred to Dr Foolchand by a colleague. Coming from out of town, our early morning trips to PMB became a monthly routine for us and we looked forward to each and everyone of these trips. Apart from being a brilliant doctor, Dr Foolchand was able to impart a sense of empathy and reassurance during those testing times. Thank you for being there for us. Continue being the brilliant Maternal Fetal Specialist you are and may your strength continue being the strength for people who are seeking it.

Sarah Coleby

We met Dr Foolchand early in our pregnancy as I was classed as a high risk case with clotting issues. From the very first appointment she put us at ease and made us feel heard in our fertility journey.
She listened to our history and then discussed at length the way we could proceed. She was always hopeful and optimistic that we would get our miracle baby.
She followed us closely and we had numerous scans to check that our baby was well and that our pregnancy was safe and doing well. At every appointment she chatted to us about our next goal and what we can expect. She remained calm coming up to our anomaly scan and made us feel confident that everything was ok and that our baby was well.
With each goal that we reached she celebrated with us in getting closer to meeting our miracle baby.
Dr Foolchand was right there with us when we needed our c- section and explained everything to us. She kept us both calm and we knew we had made the right choice.
She celebrated the birth of our baby girl with us and her caring and calm manner has made our journey one to be celebrated.

High Risk Obstetric Cases

High Risk Obstetric Cases

High Risk Obstetric Cases BLOG ARTICLEInvolves pregnancies with complications that increase the chances of problems for the mother or baby. IntroductionBringing new life into the world is a magical journey that marks a significant milestone in every parent's life....

Nurturing Hope, Guiding Futures:

“Where Fetal Miracles Begin”

Suite A, Block 4, Ground Floor, Mediclinic - 90 Payn Strt, Pietermaritzburg, 3201

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